Sedona Arts Center



Year 3!!!!!!!!!!!! So excited for the unveiling ~ it gets me every year. Will unveil my own piece here on Saturday ~ if it is still available, wink wink! Have a newer piece, Midnight Grotto available this year in the Salon section as well ~ More to come luvies!

{{{Sedona Arts Center Announces the 12 x 12 Project and Fundraiser
Over 100 Artists Contributing to our Annual Event for Local Art Lovers

Theatre Studio Reception – Doors open at 5:30

What do you get when you invite hundreds of extraordinary artists to create new works within a 12-inch space, and exhibit everything in support Sedona’s hometown cultural organization? Sedona Arts Center has the answer in its Annual 12x 12 Fundraiser, scheduled for Friday, May 12 in the historic Art Barn.  }}}×12.html